“We have communicated many times how impressed we have been with your team, so I would expect to see many more engagements from us! You guys have truly done a fantastic job.”
–PE Firm, CEO Placement

“Today after several projects, we can say that we found exactly the right mixture of professional understanding, thoroughness and customer orientation we are looking for.”
– HR Director, Industrial Client

“…I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and guidance as I could not have done this without you. Among the many headhunters, I’ve genuinely enjoyed working with you the most. I felt a great level of care and human support, which in the background of an increasingly commoditizing industry for talent, is something I admired about you and your approach the most.”
– Private Equity Associate, Cornell 2012

“As a Managing Director with over 15 years experience at a leading global investment banking firm, I have interacted with numerous executive search firms and recruiting professionals. Opus Advisors has clearly distinguished itself as the best-in-class provider of executive search services. [They are] an honest, “no-nonsense” team who aggressively pursues the interest of their clients. Their collective significant experience base ensures that the client is always getting thoughtful and well-reasoned advice, and their optimistic demeanor makes interaction with the whole group an absolute pleasure. In short, Opus has become a trusted advisor for me!”
– Head of Consumer/Retail; Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

“Opus Advisors provides incomparable personal access to senior bankers across the top-brands on Wall Street. Over the past year there has been voracious competition for top-level talent which makes a “bottom-line” difference; Opus Advisors is our best competitive advantage. The flow of Wall Street talent is constantly in flux and Opus Advisors gives us the ability to focus our recruiting efforts at both the junior and senior levels, regardless of market conditions.”
– Director, Global Merchant Bank