“We have communicated many times how impressed we have been with your team, so I would expect to see many more engagements from us! You guys have truly done a fantastic job.”
PE firm – CEO placement
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A company’s greatest asset is the talent of its people who will exemplify the corporate culture.

Opus recognizes this importance and prides itself on taking the time to conduct up-front client diligence so we are able to provide high-touch customer service, tailored candidate research & slate, and an uncommonly found collaborative client-recruiter partnership.


  • Opus is one of the top search firms placing Analyst and Associate talent. We meet with thousands of young professionals annually to present only the best.
  • Once our team has a full understanding of your firm’s culture and the role, we create a bespoke slate of candidates, arrange all logistics for superdays, and often remain on-site to ensure efficiency and provide feedback and insight.
  • The “War for Talent” at this level can be time-consuming and intense so Opus makes the process as efficient and painless as possible!


  • Recruiting can be time-consuming for firms to conduct on their own.
  • Opus interviews MBA students each year with prior investing experience to discern strong fits with our portfolio of clients.
  • We work in collaboration with clients to uncover MBA students for summer internships as well as permanent hires.
  • Post-MBA searches require crucial care as these investment professionals are viewed as potential future partners of the firm.
  • Opus Advisors has strong experience in VP to Partner level searches and we are well-positioned to offer the broadest possible access to candidates.

Investor Relations

  • Opus tracks pre-MBA & post-MBA candidates who want to use their banking or consulting experience in a non-investing role at a financial platform.
  • We have been building out IR and Fundraising teams for the past several years and have rich knowledge on strong candidates seeking these types of positions.

Corporate Positions

  • We place C-level talent within client portfolio companies. We differentiate ourselves by offering superior research capabilities, limited off-limits, a unique value proposition and dedicated attention.
  • Junior Level Corporate roles are often sought after by our younger candidates but they are less knowledgeable on how to discover them. Opus provides the ability to bring both parties together.
  • Start-ups are increasingly benefiting from Opus’ Pre and Post-MBA talent. Positions have varied and the talent is highly sought after. Our program to assist start-up companies garner top talent is a well-oiled machine.

“Opus Advisors provides incomparable personal access to senior bankers across the top-brands on Wall Street. Over the past year there has been voracious competition for top-level talent which makes a “bottom-line” difference; Opus Advisors is our best competitive advantage. The flow of Wall Street talent is constantly in flux and Opus Advisors gives us the ability to focus our recruiting efforts at both the junior and senior levels, regardless of market conditions.”
– Director, Global Merchant Bank